How to Make a Photo Larger in Word

By Aurelio Locsin

Updated September 26, 2017

Microsoft Word is popular in homes, schools and offices because it allows control over a document's appearance and usability. You can insert spreadsheets, documents and artwork produced by other programs. You can also add photos taken by your camera or downloaded from the Web. Because such photos may be too small, Word allows you to adjust the size.

Open Microsoft Word. If you want to insert a photo into your document, click the cursor into the location for the picture. Then choose the “Insert” tab and click “Picture” from the Illustrations group. Then navigate to the picture you want and double-click to load it into your document.

Click the picture to select it. Handles appear around it.

Drag a handle away from the picture to make it bigger. To keep the center of the picture in the same location during resizing, press the “Ctrl” key as you resize. To maintain image proportions, press the “Shift” key as you resize. You can also press both “Ctrl” and “Shift” to keep both proportions and center intact as you resize.


You can only enlarge picture by a small amount before it begins to look pixelated.