Instructions for the HP1040 Fax

by Patrick PhelpsUpdated September 26, 2017

The HP 1040 fax is designed for small to mid-sized business. The device transmits faxes at 6 seconds per page using a 14.4 baud rate modem. To help increase productivity, the HP 1040 has a 10-sheet document feeder to allow for multiple page fax transmissions. The HP 1040 can store up to 80 speed dials for convenience and is also capable of broadcast faxing up to a maximum of 15 fax numbers.

Add paper to the paper tray so that the HP 1040 is ready to print out received faxes.

Place the documents you want to fax face down into the document feeder. You can load up to 10 pages into the document feeder.

Enter the number of the fax machine that you want to transmit to. Use the numeric keypad to enter the receiving fax number, including a "1" and the area code if sending long distance.

Press "Start" to begin transmitting your fax. The HP 1040 will dial the number you entered in the previous step. If a connection is made, it will begin to scan in the pages in the document feeder. Once all of the pages have been scanned and transmitted, the HP 1040 will print out a transmission report page.

Check the report page to make sure that all pages were transmitted.

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