How to Ink a Sharp XE-A102 Cash Register

by Irene A. BlakeUpdated September 26, 2017

The Sharp XE-A102 electronic cash register is designed to print receipts and reports with a single ink roller housed at the front of the printer compartment. When the roller runs out of ink, the printouts will appear faded or become unreadable. As Sharp states that you should never re-ink a roller that stops working, the only way to “ink” a Sharp XE-A102 is to replace the used roller with a new one.

Remove the Sharp XE-A102 printer cover by pulling it up and toward the front of the register.

Grasp the tab-like handle on the left side of the ink roller and lift the roller straight up out of the compartment.

Take the new ink roller out of its packaging and insert it into the printer compartment. Press down on it slightly until it rests securely in place.

Replace the printer cover to the machine.


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