Instructions for an HP 640 Fax Machine

by Madison RayneUpdated September 26, 2017

A fax machine is a piece of office equipment that scans documents, digitalizes the information and transfers the data through telephone lines. Hewlett Packard (HP) offers a wide selection of fax machines, including the HP 640 series, a fax machine that is professional-quality and yet simple enough for everyday faxing and copying. This machine is compact and features one-touch control, a 50-page memory and easy-to-follow menus. It can copy up to four pages in one minute and fax a document in as little as six seconds.

Sending Faxes

Load up to 10 documents you wish to fax into the document feeder. Make sure the document is face down, with the printed side toward the machine. Adjust the paper guides to properly fit the width of the documents.

Dial the number you are sending the fax to. Enter the number you wish to fax to and press the "Start/Enter" button, with or without lifting the handset. You can also press the "Loudspeaker" button, then enter the number and press the "Start/Enter" button.

Press and hold the "One Touch" button you wish to fax the document to. This will automatically dial the number for you and can be used once you have set up your speed dial.

Press the "Speed Dial" button. "Search and Dial" will appear on the display screen. Press "OK" to search for a stored number. Once you find the number you wish to fax to, simply press the "Start/Enter" button.

Receiving Faxes

Pull the paper tray cover away from the paper support to load paper. Slide the paper guide to the correct width for the paper you will use, either letter or A4.

Gather up to 50 sheets of paper and neatly stack them. Insert the stack into the machine. Push the paper tray cover back into place.

Set up the fax machine to manually receive faxes, or the "TEL" answer mode. Answer the telephone when it rings. Press the "Start/Enter" button once you hear the fax tones. Hang up the phone when you have heard fax tones from both machines.

Set up the fax machine for the "Auto" answer mode. The machine will ring a predetermined number of times, detect fax tones and receive faxes automatically.

Copying Documents

Insert up to 10 documents that you wish to copy; turn the documents face-down and insert them into the document feeder. Press the "Copy" button twice to make a single copy of these documents.

Press the "Copy" button once to make multiple copies. Using the phone pad, enter the number of copies you wish to make, from one to 50. Press the "Copy" button again to start copying or press "OK" to go to the next option.

Press the arrow buttons next to the "OK" key to change the default zoom rate, choose from 50 to 150. Press the "Start/Enter" button if you are satisfied or press "OK" to go the next setting.

Press the arrow buttons if you wish to print the last page first. Printing in reverse will cause the first page to be on top when the printing is finished. Press either "Copy" or "OK" to start printing.

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