How to Send a Fax From the USA to Ethiopia

by Martin AdamovicUpdated September 26, 2017
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A facsimile, popularly known as fax, is a document that is sent through a phone line. Fax machines have been present since their invention in the 19th century, although they were not practicable until the 1970s. Internet-based transmissions and services have definitely taken over in place of the fax to a large extent. Nevertheless, faxes are vastly used in business and for the transmission of certain documentation of a sensitive nature, that otherwise could be intercepted if sent unprotected via internet. Sending a fax to Ethiopia is no different than sending a fax within the U.S. and can be sent even without a fax machine.

Using a Fax machine

Gather the documents to be sent, and make sure you have the correct fax number destination.

Check the fax machine is connected. Observe settings if you are using a multipurpose machine. Change to "fax" mode if it's not activated.

Place documents in the fax or multipurpose machine paper feeder. Locate the keypad and press "011," the code for international dialing, followed by the country code for Ethiopia: "251." Add the fax number destination.

Press the “send” button, and wait for the delivery confirmation.

Using an Online Fax Service:

Research on the internet for online fax services, and create an account with the company of your choice. Take a little time, and you will find several companies that offer this service at no charge.

Check any possible restrictions on delivery of certain types of information. Check specifications for format required, and convert your files if necessary.

Scan the documentation you need to send to Ethiopia if they are printed papers, and save the image as a file using the correct format.

Enter the information required of both sender and recipient. Write the text if necessary. Attach the files you need to send as if you were sending an email.

Make sure the files are completely uploaded, and press the "send" button.

Items you will need

  • Fax Machine

  • Documents or Message

  • Computer

  • Internet Connection


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