How to Train for Printer Repair

By Alex Burke

Updated September 26, 2017

Printers are an integral part of today's technology systems and operate through a direct link to business or individual computer networks. Printer repair technicians do not need a special degree to begin a career as a service technician. However, a basic understanding of a printer's parts and some hands-on experience should be acquired. Personal experience with printers and repairs can begin with the general maintenance and basic troubleshooting of your own home or office printer.

Enroll in printer repair courses and certification programs at local technical, vocational and trade schools or community colleges. Basic printer repair courses generally cover both laser and inkjet printers. General computer repair classes usually cover minor printer repair and troubleshooting.

Get a job with a computer repair business and learn on-the-job. Employees who possess mechanical skills and some basic repair courses can learn more by obtaining hands-on experience. Some employers may be willing to train or offer an apprenticeship to an entry-level employee.

Learn the basics from a manufacturer's third-party training company. Training courses for brands such as HP and Lexmark are offered by third-party training vendors such as Metrofuser and Parts Now. Manufacturer-specific training programs may be listed online or in local phone directories. Contact the printer manufacturer directly to find out more about printer repair training. Local certified printer dealers may also have information regarding manufacturer's repair programs.

Investigate do-it-yourself training products. Learn from technical manuals, videos and online training courses. For example, Parts Now provides an online option for learning printer repair basics. Online courses run from an hour and a half to seven hours in length and start at $200 per course title (see Resources).

Obtain an industry technician certification. The Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) has a certification specifically for computer technicians installing, troubleshooting and repairing printers and other network hardware. A CompTIA PDI+ certification requires both written and hands-on testing of skills. The PDI+ certification is vendor-neutral and is designed to relay basic competency.