How to Have Two Phone Numbers on One Phone

By Iam Jaebi

Updated September 26, 2017

People can reach your phone using two independent numbers.
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Assigning two phone numbers to one phone is a convenience, particularly for business and travel. There are three key methods of setting up two numbers on one phone: dual SIM cards in a cell phone, or purchasing a toll free phone number and subscribing to a managed phone number service. Each method has different applications. For instance, a Dual SIM card cell phone is useful for traveling between countries while toll free numbers and phone services are ideal for businesses.

Dual SIM Card Phone

Shop for a dual SIM card phone. SIM cards are removable microchips that control your cell phone's subscriber information including the phone number. Typical phones use one SIM card and have one phone number. A Dual SIM Card phone uses two SIM cards and thus can have two phone numbers. When shopping for a Dual SIM card phone, ensure that the phone operates in the country you intend to use it in. Contact a cell phone service provider in the country of choice and ask what bandwidth they support. Compare these bandwidths with those listed on the phone specifications.

Subscribe to a cell phone service provider. Essentially, you will need to open two cell phone accounts and receive two phone numbers. One phone number will be assigned to each SIM card. You can purchase a SIM card from two independent companies or two SIM cards from the same company.

Install your SIM Cards. Follow the instructions provided with your dual SIM card phone to set up calling. Test the phone numbers by calling friends or colleagues using each number.

Toll Free Number

Purchase a toll free number. These are phone numbers that use 800, 888, 877, 866 or 855 as an area code and can be dialed free of charge within the United States. The Federal Communications Commission regulates toll free numbers, which can be purchased from private companies. There are a variety of toll free number providers and services. Choose one that fits your needs.

Pair your phone number with your toll free number. Choose a phone number that will serve as the alternate to your toll free number. This can be any 10-digit phone number. Callers will have the option of dialing either number to reach the same phone.

Test your toll free number. Use another phone to call your toll free number and verify that it rings the specified phone. Share your toll free number with others that may need to use it.

Managed Phone Service

Choose a managed phone service. In addition to allowing you two phone numbers on one phone, managed phone services come bundled with calling features such as voice mail, text messaging and discount calling rates. Choose one that fits your needs and price range. Criteria to consider are costs, availability of area codes and phone numbers and ease of use.

Identify the phone to used with the managed phone service. Will you use a cell phone or landline in conjunction with your service? Decide where you want the secondary phone number to send calls.

Choose a phone number. Do you want a number local to your primary phone calling area or to another region? Think about those who will call you on the second phone number and pick the number that is most convenient to callers.