How to Disassemble a Dial Caliper

By Jonathan Cadieux

Updated September 26, 2017

Dial Calipers measure parts accurately.
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Dial calipers are an integral tool used in today’s manufacturing environment. They are used to measure components and parts to ensure dimensions are correct. They provide years of trouble-free service, but do occasionally need to be disassembled to be repaired or cleaned.

Remove the caliper bezel by unscrewing it. Some models do not have screw-on bezels and require you to gently pry the bezel off using a small regular screwdriver.

Remove the needle by gently prying it off with a regular screwdriver. A watch hand puller may also be used but is not usually available to the average person. Lift off and remove the dial face.

Unscrew the three large screws that mount the dial housing to the caliper and remove the dial housing.

Remove the small screws holding the brass plate to the dial housing. This allows you to remove the internal gears from the caliper.

Items you will need

  • Regular screwdriver

  • Philips screwdriver


Assemble in reverse order