How to Use a TI Printing Calculator 5040 II

By Quinten Plummer

Updated September 26, 2017

Texas Instrument's TI 5040 II is an electronic calculator which features the ability to print data to a spool of on-board paper. The 5040 II can be used to meet a variety of needs, ranging from record keeping to use as a basic POS (Point of Sale) system. But before you get started using your 5040 II, an overview of the printing calculator's functions and setup process can help you get the most of your 5040 II.


Connect the 5040 II's power adapter to the unit. The unit should already be powered off -- slide the 5040 II's "On/Off" button to its "Off" position, if it isn't. Slide the "On/Off" button to its "On" position after connecting the 5040 II's power adapter and plugging the adapter into a power outlet.

Insert a new roll of printing paper into the 5040 II's print tray, if the calculator is low or out of paper. Load the new roll in an underhanded fashion, with the roll unrolling from the bottom. Feed the end of the paper into drum of the print tray, or below the paper of a depleted roll.

Press the 5040 II's feed button -- the upward arrow icon -- to feed the new roll of paper into the calculator. If applicable, remove the old paper roll from the printer and tear away any paper remaining on the roll. Sit the new roll of paper into the print tray and press the "Feed" button to take the slack out of the paper roll.


Use the 5040 II's "+," "-," "x" and "รท" divide symbols to build equations and use the "=" sign to equate them.

Press the "#/S" key after numbers in your equations to print out the the "#" symbol after your numbers. Press the "#/S" key after "+" and "-" signs to generate a subtotal. Use the "T" key to total.

Press the "C/Ce" key to erase the last number you enter. Press the key after multiplication and division equations to erase the equations.