How to Change the Ribbon on a Casio Dl-22Ol

By Dan Harkins

Updated September 26, 2017

Casio no longer manufactures its DL-220L calculator with the printable paper that fills up at a rate of eight lines a second. But plenty of outlets still carry the thermal ribbons and special thermal paper rolls needed for your calculator. A special kind of thermal imagining paper and ribbon are needed, so make sure the replacement you seek is the replacement you get.

Turn off your calculator and lift the printer roll door at the top left of the device. Look beneath the unit's thermal paper for the thermal tape cartridge.

Cut the paper with scissors just above where it enters the unit's rollers, then press your DL-220L's "Feed" button to advance all the remaining paper through the rollers, exposing the thermal ribbon unit below.

Pull up on the two spools of the ribbon under where the paper fed into the rollers. Discard the old ribbon.

Insert the new spools of the ribbon onto their posts with the ribbon facing in the same direction as the old spool (toward the paper feed).

Cut a straight light across the end of the thermal paper on your roll with scissors and feed the end through the slot at the rear of your roll holder. Press "Feed" again and hold until the paper comes out of the roller assembly along your new thermal ribbon.

Items you will need

  • Replacement ribbon for DL-220L (Model No. RS-6 BR)

  • Scissors