How to Fax From Your Car

By Andrea Ruiz

Updated September 26, 2017

With today's technology, you are no longer limited to conducting business in a traditional office setting. It's now possible to send and receive business correspondence almost anywhere you go. If you travel often by car for business purposes, you may find that you need to send faxes while you're on the road. Fortunately, with a laptop, a notebook mount and a portable scanner, you can fax documents anywhere in the world without ever having to leave your driver's seat.

Come to a complete stop in your car and pull into a location that is safely out of the way of any traffic. If you don't have a 3G wireless connection on your laptop, park close enough to the source of your wireless connection, such as a parking lot, so your wireless card picks up a strong signal.

Mount a notebook dock, or "car desk," to your steering wheel. This turns your driver's seat into a comfortable portable office. Place your laptop on the dock. Secure your laptop onto your dock. Open the laptop and turn it on.

Connect your scanner to the laptop via USB hub. Ensure that you have loaded all necessary drivers onto your computer. Ensure the computer recognizes the scanner and lists it as a properly working device.

Insert your document into the portable scanner to scan it into your computer. Check the scanned document on your computer to ensure it looks the way you want. Save it to your hard drive in a location that you can easily find.

Fax your document using an Internet fax service, such as FaxZero or MyFax (see "Resources"). Visit the site and follow the on-screen instructions for uploading and sending your fax to the desired fax number. Some of these services allow you to send one or two faxes per day or per month for free, while others charge a small amount per faxed page.

Items you will need

  • Laptop

  • Wireless Internet connection

  • Portable USB-connected scanner

  • Laptop dock


If you anticipate having to fax many documents each week from your car, you may benefit from subscribing to an Internet fax service each month. Many of these services, such as, will allow you to send an unlimited number of faxes from your laptop for a low monthly fee.


You must have a strong wireless Internet connection in order to send faxes from your car. Because these may not always be available, especially from a relatively remote location such as a parking lot, you may want to subscribe to a 3G Internet plan from your wireless provider. By hooking up a small USB device to your laptop, you can have a wireless Internet connection from your laptop almost anywhere, regardless of whether you're close to a wireless Internet provider.