How to Use a Scale Master Classic V3.0

By Zach Dexter

Updated September 26, 2017

The Scale Master Classic is a digital take-off tool that can be used with architectural or engineering blueprints. Using this device, draftspersons, estimators and other professionals are able to generate estimates for materials and labor much faster than by analogue means. This device is capable of working in metric as well as imperial modes, with 72 pre-loaded scales. Operating the Scale Master Classic is almost as simple as drawing a line with an ink pen.

Turn the device on and press the “Reset” key.

Press the “Mode” key and select either “Metric” or “Imperial" (English).

Press the “Scale” key and select between “Arch” for Architect Scale, “Eng I” for Engineer I Scale, or “Eng II” for Engineer II Scale. The architect scale is typically used on plans for houses, buildings, and other structures, while an engineer scale is typically used for roads, water mains and other topographical items.

Roll the tip of the device on the blueprint to take a measurement.

Press the “M1+” key to store the measurement as length, or press the “M2X” key to store the measurement as width.

Items you will need

  • Scale Master Classic v3.0

  • Blueprint