How to Refill a Pentel Twist Erase XP

By David Clair

Updated September 26, 2017

The Twist Erase XP by Pentel is a widely used mechanical pencil that has a built-in extended eraser and refillable pencil lead. It is sometimes referred to as the Twist Erase Express. When the stick of lead runs out, a new one needs to be installed to continue using the pencil. Following the correct steps when refilling the Twist Erase XP will help ensure that it will function properly.

Grasp the bottom portion of the pencil, near the eraser, with one hand.

Grasp the top half of the pencil with the other hand, near the grip.

Pull the two halves in opposite directions to open the pencil.

Insert the new lead stick into the white plastic tube in the front portion of the pencil.

Place the two portions of the pencil back together. Gently, but firmly, push the two halves toward each other to reassemble the Twist Erase XP.