How to Troubleshoot a VeriFone Credit Card Machine

By Patrick Nelson

Updated September 26, 2017

On the Omni, cards being swiped should face down and toward the keypad.
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VeriFone is a secure electronic payment technology provider. The company’s name and logo is commonly seen on point-of-sale bank card terminals. It has most recently been active in introducing wireless credit card verification and transactions to the U.S., as is common in Europe. Problems with the credit card machines can be related to powering, charging, the terminal not dialing, print issues and failed transactions. These kinds of problems can be corrected.

Charge the wireless terminal, or plug in the AC-powered terminal if the lights on the unit won’t come on or the machine won’t work. If there’s an “Enter/ON” button that you use to turn the device on, make sure you press it for at least three seconds.

Check the telephone line connection if the VeriFone machine won’t dial out. The machines often need to dial out to verify credit cards, so make sure it’s plugged in. Replace the phone cable if you continue to have problems; the cables can be damaged with no outward signs.

Install a new roll of paper if the printer doesn’t print. Open the paper roll cover and look for paper. Make sure the roll feeds from the bottom when restocking. Clear the feed mechanism by pulling paper out in the direction it was traveling if paper gets jammed. Use dry paper. Old stock may have deteriorated; use a fresh roll.

Try a few different credit cards if the VeriFone’s magnetic reader doesn’t read a card. This way you can identify if the problem is with the card or reader. Void the transactions if necessary. On the Omni, cards being swiped should face down and toward the keypad.