How to Send a Fax Online with Google

by Kenrick CallwoodUpdated September 26, 2017 Images

Many companies still use fax machines to send and receive important correspondence. Even though the Internet has led to thousands of communication programs and methods, faxes have not been completely abandoned. But many smaller businesses that rarely send faxes do not have the budget to buy equipment they will seldom use. The solution lies in combining the power of the Internet and fax technology. With the help of a free widget, users can now send a free fax directly from their iGoogle dashboard.

Navigate to the your iGoogle homepage (see Resources) and sign in to your Google account if necessary.

Navigate to the faxZero "Send a Fax" gadget from the gadget's homepage (see Resources) and click the "Add Send a Fax to iGoogle" button. The gadget is installed automatically and the iGoogle dashboard appears.

Fill out the fax form with the recipient's name, company, fax number and fax text, then click "Send a Fax."

Fill out the sender information and attach a document if so desired. Click the "send free fax now" button to send the fax.



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