How to Install a Wireless Printer Without a CD

By Tiffany Garden

Updated September 26, 2017

Wireless printers often use software CDs to assist in the installation of drives, printer software and network printer configuration on the computers. If you lose your installation CD, you should still be able to set up your wireless printer in such a way that your computer can access it and use it for printing.

Plug your wireless printer into power.

Search through your wireless printer menu panel to see if an installation process is included directly on the printer. You may just need to run this program to be able to access the printer on your network.

Go to the printer manufacturer website. Look in the downloads or support section for the installation and driver packages. Download the installation program for your printer on each computer that you wish to use the printer on.

Follow the on-screen instructions for the installation program. Manufacturers have many styles of installation setups, but generally you just need to click "Next" to install the drivers and any additional software needed. The wireless printer installer typically configures the wireless printer on your computer for you.