Instructions for a Breg Slingshot 2

By Irene A. Blake

Updated September 26, 2017

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The Breg SlingShot 2 is a universal sling used to support an arm after shoulder or arm injuries or repair such as shoulder dislocation or rotator cuff surgery. The sling is made of Breg’s Airmesh – a dark non-neoprene/non-latex mesh blended material made from Lycra, Nylon and Polyester. The sling includes an abduction pillow to support and stabilize the arm against the body as well as an exercise ball to help maintain circulation in the arm and hand during healing.

Wrap the Breg SlingShot 2 sling up and around your arm so that the corner rests against your elbow.

Pull the strap up over your shoulder and then down around your neck so that that padding rests against your neck and the strap hangs across the shoulder opposite to the arm in the sling.

Attach the hook and loop-style fasteners to the top sides of the open end of the sling.

Push together the hook and loop-style fasteners along the top edges of the sling side to close the top shut.

Loop the thumb strap from the back of the sling at the open end around to the front of the sling – between your thumb and the rest of your hand. Push it against the front to bring together the hook and loop fasteners.

Hold the waist pillow on your waist so that it rests behind the sling. Wrap the strap- on attached at one end of the pillow around your back. Attach the strap end to the pillow fastener on the other end of the pillow.

Rest the sling against the pillow. If necessary, adjust the pillow to move your arm into a specific position as recommended by your physician.

Hold, roll and squeeze the exercise circulation ball included with the sling. Follow your doctor’s instructions in regards to extent and duration of use.

Place your Berg SlingShot 2 in a sink or basin of cool water and mild detergent at least once a week or more often as needed. Hand wash the pieces to remove dirt and sweat and then rinse the sling and straps thoroughly. Pat away any excess water with a soft, low-lint towel and then hang or lay the pieces flat to air-dry.

Items you will need

  • Sink

  • Basin (optional)

  • Mild detergent

  • Low-lint towel