How to Send Multiple Fax Documents on a Fax Machine

By Patrick Phelps

Updated September 26, 2017

Use a fax machine to send multiple-page documents.
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Though decreasing in popularity, fax machines are still an important and widely used piece of office equipment found. From home offices to major corporations, business owners and employees rely on their fax machines to transmit documents. Most faxed documents consist of multiple pages and thanks to the standard technology built in to the vast majority of fax machine models, sending multiple page documents with a fax machine requires just a few steps.

Fill out a fax cover sheet. The cover sheet will usually include the recipients name, fax number, number of pages included in the fax transmission and a general notes section. When sending a multiple-page fax, it is important to note the total number of pages, including the cover sheet, so that the recipient can be sure that she receives all the pages.

Place pages into the fax machine's document feeder. Most fax machines require that the pages are placed face down in the feeder; although some machines have an image near the feeder -- that looks like a page with writing -- to indicate the pages should be placed faced up. Check your owner's manual for page configuration and to learn how many pages the document feeder can hold.

Enter the recipient's fax number. Use the numbers to enter the fax number of the location you wish to send. Calls outside of the area should be placed with a one, then the area code, followed by the number.

Press the "Start" button. This will begin the scanning of and transmitting of the fax. Once complete, your fax machine may print out a transmission report that will indicate how many pages were sent. Check this report to make sure that the correct number of pages were sent and received.