How to Set the Time for a Sapling SAL-2 Clock

By Irene A. Blake

Updated September 26, 2017

A SAL-2 clock is an analog wireless synchronized clock that does not require manual time setting. Instead, the clock features a wireless receiver/transmitter that retrieves the correct time information from GPS satellite or NTP/SNTP server signals, automatically moves the clock hands to the correct setting and then transmits the updated information to any other SAL-2 clocks in the vicinity. To set the time, you simply need to make sure the clock receives power.

Remove the battery compartment cover from the back of the Sapling SAL-2 clock.

Insert two D batteries, matching the polarity marks on the batteries with the marks inside the compartment. Replace the battery cover.

Hang the clock and wait for it to set the time automatically.


Although an SAL-2 typically completes the automatic setting process within seconds, Sapling advises that it can take up to five minutes.