How to Clear a TI Calculator

By Ashley Brown

Updated September 26, 2017

Texas Instruments makes calculators for use in a variety of business, scientific, mathematical and casual environments. Each model performs a series of functions specific to the discipline for which it is intended. Knowing how to clear entries or functions on a Texas Instruments calculator is valuable, as there are several clearing options available. The process required to clear a TI calculator depends on the model, the computer program you are using and the operations you are performing.

Clearing the Entry Storage Level on the TI-84 Plus and TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Calculators

Push “2nd” then “MEM” to access the memory menu.

Select “3: Clear Entries” from the available options.

Push “Enter.”

Clearing the TI-34 Multiview Calculator

Push “Clear” to erase individual characters or error messages.

Push “Clear” once to erase the characters on the entry line.

Push “Clear” twice to erase all contents of the display window.

Clearing the BA-35 Solar Calculator

Press “AC/On” to clear the display, memory, mode registers and pending operations.

Press “CE/Clear” to clear pending functions, the display, error messages or entries.

Press “2nd” then “CMR” to clear the mode registers.

Clearing the TI-89/ TI-92 Plus Calculator

Press “F1” then “8: Clear Home” to clear a previous calculation’s history.

Press the left arrow image button or “Clear” to erase numbers you have entered or an answer pair.

Press “Clear” once to clear the entire entry line if the cursor is at the beginning or end of the entry line.

Press “Clear” twice to delete characters to the cursor’s right and the entry line.


On the BA-35 Solar, you can also clear the mode registers by switching to a different mode.