How to Reset a Ricoh Copier

by Patrick PhelpsUpdated September 26, 2017
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Resetting a Ricoh copier means to restore all the settings back to the original factory settings. One reason why you may want to reset a Ricoh is to clear copy settings that were erroneously saved as a default setting. It is important to realize that when you reset a Ricoh, you clear all saved information on the Ricoh. This information could include any documents saved to the copier's hard drive, stored user codes and saved fax numbers. Check your user's manual to learn how to back up this information.

Back up important saved data. Using your owner's manual as a guide, back up any important information that is stored on the copier.

Press and hold down the "." and the "#" keys at the same time. Ricoh copiers have a keypad on the right hand side of the front panel. You must press both these keys down at the same time.

Hold both keys down for 10 seconds. When the Ricoh turns off, release the keys. The copier will turn back on by itself and will clear all the settings back to original factory default.


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