Programming Instructions for a Royal Cash Register Alpha 580

By David Hoskins

Updated September 26, 2017

Up to 10 cashiers can be programmed into the Alpha 580.
i Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

The Royal Alpha 580 is a business friendly cash register. The Alpha 580 is capable of categorizing merchandise in 40 departments with a preset price and tax rate for each department. You can program each department with a name for convenience. Up to 500 Price Look-Ups, or PLUs, are available for fast item entry during checkout. The quick-start programming will allow you to be up and running in minutes.

Initialize your register. Unplug the register, insert the manager’s program key into the control lock and turn to “PRG.” Hold down the clear key and plug in the register.

Set the date in year-month-day format. Press “1”, “QTY/TIME”, enter the date (19810914 for September 14, 1981, for example), then press “AMT TEND/TOTAL.”

Set the time in military format. Press “2”, “QTY/TIME”, enter the time (1300 for 1:00 p.m., for example), then press “AMT TEND/TOTAL.”

Set Tax Rounding to the nearest whole number. Press “3” and “RA/+%,” then enter “005” and press “AMT TEND/TOTAL.”

Set a single fixed tax rate. Press “1” and “PO/-%,” enter the tax rate (50000 = 5% and 65000 = 6.5%, for example), then press “AMT TEND/TOTAL.” Set up to four different tax rates by repeating this step but changing the first number.

Set a description or name for a department. Press “DEPARTMENT #” (# representing the number of the department you want to name) and “EC/VOID,” enter the description (12 characters maximum), then press “AMT TEND/TOTAL.”

Set a department with a preset price and tax in the following format: “Price,” “DEPARTMENT #,” “Tax Number,” “EC/VOID,” and then “AMT TEND/TOTAL.” For example, department 2 is taxable under tax rate 1 with a preset price of $1.50: “150,” “DEPARTMENT 2,” “00001,” “EC/VOID,” “AMT TEND/TOTAL.” You can skip entering the price and enter “00000” if the department is nontaxable.

Set a PLU in the following format: “PLU #,” “PLU,” “Price,” “DEPARTMENT #,” “Product Description,” “AMT TEND/TOTAL.” The “Department #” sets the tax rate for the PLU (for tax rates equal to department 1 enter, “DEPARTMENT 1”). Enter a 12-character maximum product description. For example, to set PLU #1 with a $2.50 price with a tax rate equal to Department 2 and a description of “Pie”: “1,” “PLU,” “250,” “DEPARTMENT 2,” “P,” ”I,” ”E,” “AMT TEND/TOTAL.” After the first PLU is entered, the register will automatically move the PLU # to the next number. When all PLUs have been programmed, press “#/ST/NS” to finish.

Print the following confirmation reports: Tax Rate Report--Press ”PLU/ALT,” then “PO/-%” Department Report--Press ”PLU/ALT,” then “DEPARTMENT #” All PLU Confirmation Report--Press ”PLU/ALT,” then “PLU” Range PLU Confirmation Report--Press “PLU #,” ”PLU/ALT,” “PLU End #,” then “PLU”


When programming is finished, turn the manager’s program key to “REG” to begin normal operations.

See the owner’s manual for detailed instructions on advanced programming and operating the register.


Install backup batteries before programming to protect data in case you lose electricity.