How to Retrieve a Fax From a Voice Mail

By Jaime Swanson

Updated September 26, 2017

Verizon Wireless offers visual voice mail with the opportunity to receive faxes. Visual voice mail is convenient for when you don't have time to listen to a message but you can read it quickly while you're on the go. People may want to send faxes to your voice mail, with this idea in mind. You may want to print the fax out for future reference and to clear your voice mailbox so you can receive more messages.

Call your voice mail. If this is not a speed number on your phone, dial "*86" to get to your Verizon voice mailbox.

Enter your password to connect to your mailbox. If there is a system greeting, hit "#" first.

Retrieve your messages. Press "1" to get your messages, then press "3" to retrieve your faxes.

Print your faxes from your phone. Press "2" to print. Make sure you know your destination. If you do, and it's already set in your phone, press "1." Press "2" if you need to use an alternate, and then enter the 10-digit fax number you're sending your fax to. To finish, press "#."