How to Refill Trodat Stamps

By David Clair

Updated September 26, 2017

Trodat stamps are self-inking stamps that have a finite amount of ink inside the internal ink well. Once the ink starts to run low, the stamp will stop functioning. Refilling the internal ink well of the Trodat stamp will allow the stamp to work as it did before the ink ran low. The ink inside the stamp can also dry out if it is not used for an extended period of time. Adding ink to a dried-out stamp will restore it to working condition.

Position the stamp in an upright position as you would do while using the trodat. Grasp the stamp well with one hand and use the other hand to do the job.

Press in on the buttons on each side of the stamp. Press the stamp down slightly with the side buttons depressed.

Press the button on the wide side of the stamp to eject the ink well.

Carefully pull the ink well out of the stamp.

Insert the refill ink into the ink well slowly until the pad is saturated.

Slide the ink well into the compartment using your index finger.

Press down on the stamp and release to lock the ink well back into place.