How to Re-Ink a RM-10 Ink Stamp

by Christina MartinezUpdated September 26, 2017

You've been stamping addresses on envelopes with a Royal Mark-10 for a while now and the impression of the stamp has begun to fade. You now need to refill it, but aren't sure how. A Royal Mark-10 stamp is a pre-inked stamp which means the stamp doesn't require an ink pad. However, there is a relatively easy way to re-ink this type of stamp.

Remove the dust cover of the stamp. This is the plastic part that you pull off every time you use the stamp.

Turn the stamp over so the die faces up.

Squeeze a few drops of ink on the face of the die. Spread the ink over the entire stamp, especially over the letters.

Leave the stamp face-up overnight to allow the ink to penetrate

Blot excess ink with a tissue if necessary.

Items you will need

  • Refill ink

  • Tissue


Use Royal Mark ink when re-inking the stamp. The ink can be found at some office supplies stores and online.


Re-ink the stamp as soon as it gets the least bit dry. If the stamp gets too dry it might not accept re-inking.

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