How to Conference Call Using Cisco 7940

By Patrick Warren

Updated September 26, 2017

The Cisco 7940 phone was created for use with Cisco IP phone systems. The unit is designed to be a general purpose office phone with features that meet the needs of most low-to-medium call volume users. The phone can handle up to four simultaneous calls and has several helpful features including call holding, call transfer, mute, speaker phone, and conference calling. The phone has been designed to make conference calling a simple process.

Place a call to the first party to be on the conference call or answer an incoming call from the party. This is the same process as making or answering a regular call. This call can be to or from an internal extension or an outside phone number.

Press the “More” soft key while still on the first call to view additional soft key options.

Press the “Confrn” soft key. “Confrn” represents “Conference” on the soft keys. This activates a new line and places the first call on hold.

Dial an extension or phone number to contact the second party for the conference call.

Press “Confrn” after the second call connects. This adds the party on hold to the call. The call now includes you and the two parties.

Repeat the steps to add additional parties to the conference call. The phone can support up to four parties in addition to the original phone user on a conference call.


If the second party does not answer the call, press the button for the first held call rather than the “Confrn” button. This will disconnect the second call and reconnect you with the first call.