How to Scan to PDF With a Lexmark

By Sarah Sammis

Updated September 26, 2017

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Lexmark multifunction printers are designed to work with Lexmark's SmartSolutions Website. The site provides a variety of features including scan to PDF. The site is free for anyone who owns or uses a Lexmark printer. Set up requires an email address and the security code from the printer.

SmartSolutions Account

Create an account at SmartSolutions' website by entering your email address and creating a new password. Your email address will be your user name.

Enter your country.

Turn on your printer and make sure it is hooked up to your home or office computer network.

Click on "Solution Center" and select "Add printer."

Find your Lexmark printer on the network and select it.

Go to the myTouch screen of your printer and find the security code. The set up process will instruct you on how to find the code on your particular model. Write down the code and enter it at the website.

Create the Scan to PDF Solution

Find the solution at the SmartSolutions Web site.

Give your customized version a name and choose an icon to use for your solution.

Browse to the folder on your computer or network where you want your printer to save the PDFs.

Enter an optional file name prefix you want the printer to add to your scanned documents.

Specify if you want to preview the scanned image before saving. The preview only works when scanning via the glass. It won't work with the automatic document feeder.

Specify the DPI or dots per inch and color or black and white.

Scan to PDF

Load the original document into the printer, either on the glass or into the automatic document feeder.

Touch the SmartSolutions button on the printer's control panel.

Touch the icon of your print to PDF solution. The printer will follow the script created by the Print to PDF solution and will save the PDF in the location you specified.