Instructions for a Black & Decker Paper Shredder CC800

By Mary Lougee

Updated September 26, 2017

Black & Decker paper shredders will accept paper with staples.
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The Black & Decker paper shredder model #CC800 protects home and offices from identity theft. This shredder automatically starts, stops and reverses to save energy. The CC800 takes care of the time-consuming task of removing staples from papers before shredding, and it will shred unwanted credit cards.

Plug the paper shredder into an electrical outlet and set it on a flat surface.

Press the large front button to unlock the protective cover. Swing the cover up to open it.

Place up to eight sheets of 20-lb. paper in the paper guides on each side of the paper opening. The shredder will automatically pull the paper into the machine and start shredding it. The shredder motor stops when the paper has passed the blades.

Press the round power boost button on the right of the control panel if the shredding items become lodged in the shredder. The shredder will automatically reverse, change to forward motion and try to reinsert items to cut them. Hold the button for 30 seconds This applies extra force to the feed dogs to push the paper through the machine.

Swing the protective lid forward to close it when the shredder is not in use. There is an audible snap when the lid locks.


The shredder automatically reverses while in motion to refeed thick items through the blades, and then continues the forward motion to complete the shredding process.


Empty the 4-gallon basket of shredded items when it is full to keep the shredder operating in a forward motion.

Close and lock the protective lid when the shredder is not in use to keep children from inserting items or fingers in the shredder.