How to Calibrate the Tanita Digital Scale Model 1479V

By Kallie Johnson

Updated September 26, 2017

Pocket scales are used to weigh small, lightweight items, such as jewelry.
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A Tanita 1479V is a digital, mini or pocket-size scale. The scale can measure up to 120 grams and is commonly used by jewelers to weigh jewelry, stones and jewels. Tanita states that this model of scale can not be recalibrated; however, Scale Magazine gives instructions for recalibrating it. The scale should be calibrated before the first use or after it has been transported. Movement can cause the scale to become slightly off, which can make the scale display incorrect weights. Calibration ensures that the scale accurately displays the weight of each item.

Press and hold the "Off" button.

Press and release the "On" key three times while still holding down the "Off" button. Once completed, release the "Off" button.

Place a 50-gram weight on the scale once the display screen changes from 7-0 to 7-1.

Add a second 50-gram weight to the scale once the display screen displays 7-2.

Remove the weights once the scale shows 7-3 and then self-resets.


Fifty-gram calibration weights are not sold with the Tanita 1479V digital scale. They should be available for purchase anywhere pocket scales are sold or via the Internet. One nickel weighs 5 grams, so 10 nickels would equal 50 grams.