How to Check Oil in a York Compressor

by Patrick Warren ; Updated September 26, 2017

York compressors come in a variety of sizes to run air-conditioning and refrigeration systems used by a large number of manufacturers in automotive, residential and commercial fields. York has designed the compressors so that maintenance on each one is very similar to other York models, including the compressors' oil levels. Those levels should be checked on all models when installed as well as when doing work on the air-conditioning or refrigeration systems.

Remove one of the oil fill plugs and its O-ring with a wrench or socket. The plug size will vary based on compressor model. If the compressor is mounted vertically, either plug can be removed. If the compressor is mounted horizontally, only remove the upper plug.

Insert a dipstick 8 5/16 inches long fully into the oil plug hole until it reaches the bottom of the oil reservoir. The dipstick can be purchased or can be made with a non-ferrous, noncorrosive material no thicker than 1/8-inch. Placing notches every 1/8-inch along the dipstick, if there are none, will help in the measuring process.

Remove the dipstick.

Measure the level the oil reached from the bottom of the dipstick.

Compare the measurement to the list in the Tips section. Be sure to select the proper York compressor variety and the right compressor mounting.

Replace the O-ring and the oil fill plug when finished measuring or adding oil.

Items you will need

  • Oil dipstick

  • Wrench or socket set

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