How to Open a Speed-Dial Master Lock

By Victoria Hatlaban

Updated September 26, 2017

Unlocking locks just got easier with the Master Lock Speed Dial.
i combination lock image by jimcox40 from

The Master Lock Speed Dial padlock is truly unusual. It's the first combination lock to not use numbers: The lock is opened by moving the center piece up, down, right, or left, in the order dictated by the combination. This makes unlocking a simple task, since you could open the lock in this way with one hand without even looking. The lock comes with a default combination that can be changed to any combination desired. The lock uses antishim technology and a hardened steel shackle, making it impossible to pick.

Squeeze the shackle down toward the lock until it clicks twice. This clears the lock so you can enter the combination to open it.

Move the button in the combination sequence that came with your lock.

Pull the shackle up to open the lock. Squeeze the shackle back into the lock to relock it.

You can reset the combination to any combination you like for as long as you like. To change the combination sequence, first clear the lock by squeezing the shackle toward the lock. Open the lock again, by using the default combination sequence. Turn the lock over so you can see the back. Take a small, pointed object, such as a pin, and move the reset lever to the up position, to the "R." Turn the lock back to the front. Clear the lock. Pull the shackle back up to the open position. Now enter your desired combination. Turn the lock over, and move the reset lever back to the down position. Close the shackle. Try out your new combination by using Steps 1 to 3.