How to Troubleshoot a Brother Fax 2820

By Allison Melman

Updated September 26, 2017

The Brother Fax 2820 is a state of the art fax machine for the modern day. It has a large storage capacity, laser printouts, 250 sheets of paper capacity in the paper feed, has USB capability which means that it can double as a printer and the ability to be connected to an answering machine. Every now and again even the best made electronic machines do not function at 100 percent capability.

Make sure that the machine is plugged in to a working electronic outlet, a working phone line and is turned on.

Check the paper feed if you get a “Paper Jam Inside” message. Make sure the paper is in straight and there are no crumpled pieces in the lot. If this does not clear up the message go to the next step.

Lift the front cover and take out the drum unit and the cartridge assembly. Hold the drum unit in your hand and unlock the lever that holds in the cartridge assembly.

Remove the toner cartridge and look behind and see if there is crumpled or torn paper blocking the mechanisms. Remove any bits of paper that are there and reassemble the cartridge and drum unit and make sure you hear it click into place.

Verify the settings on the fax machine if you are having difficulty sending faxes. Make sure the date and time are correct. Make sure you have a dial tone and there is nothing wrong with the phone line.

Ascertain that the documents fall into the parameters for the correct sizes. The original must be between 5.8 inches and 8.5 inches wide and 3.8 and 14 inches long.

Check to see that the original document is face down in the document feeder. Look to see that the “Fax Mode” is lighted with a green light next to it. Do not put more than 20 pages in the feeder.

Confirm that you have the correct send number for the receiving fax machine and you have entered it correctly and have pressed “Send.”

Use the same checks if you are having difficulty receiving faxes. Make sure the machine is set at least for “Fax Only” or “Fax and Phone.” If it is set for “Phone Only” it will neither send nor receive faxes.

Check the toner and make sure there is a sufficient supply if you are having a problem printing either faxes or printing from your computer, make sure that you computer is connected to the machine if you are attempting to print from it.


If you use the fax machine a lot, check the paper supply each morning and afternoon. If you rarely use it, send a test fax at least once a week to keep the lines from drying out.