How to Reset the Casio PCR-T465 Cash Register

By Irene A. Blake

Updated September 26, 2017

i Keith Brofsky/Photodisc/Getty Images

The Casio PCR-T465 electronic cash register stores sales information in its memory until a user resets the machine. As resetting the machine deletes all stored data, the machine also prints a reset report outlining any actions taken on the machine since the last reset. Resetting your PCR-T465 and printing a Reset Report isn’t difficult -- Casio has designed the PCR-T465 with a Reset Mode that you can turn on using the “PGM” mode key and the mode switch.

Insert the "PGM" mode key into the mode switch on your Casio PCR-T465 cash register.

Turn the key to “Z” – the Reset Mode position.

Push the “= CA/AMT TEND” key to print the Reset Report.

Return the “PGM” mode key to the “OFF” or “REG” position. Pull the key from the mode switch.


If a power outage occurs, don’t worry. Unless your Casio PCR-T465 is damaged by a power surge, the register’s memory will hold onto the sales data until you print a Reset Report.


Always print any Read Reports that you need -- for example, Individual, PLU/subdepartment, Financial or Group -- before you reset your Casio PCR-T465 cash register as the data needed for Read Reports is deleted permanently from the machine's memory once a Reset Report prints. Always print a Daily Sales Reset Report at the end of each day as the machine holds sales data until you print the report. If you don’t print it, the sales data from one day will become mixed with the sales data from the next day.