How to Send a Fax Through Outlook

by Patrick PhelpsUpdated September 26, 2017
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Having the ability to send a fax from Microsoft Outlook allows workers to forward information on to others without having to leave their office chair. It also can help reduce paper usage in an office, as faxing directly from Outlook eliminates the need to print out a document and then fax it using a traditional fax machine. It is imperative to note that in order for these steps to work, you need to have a networked fax on your office network.

Open the document you want to fax. You must have the actual document that you want to fax open in Outlook before advancing to the next steps. Almost any document can be faxed but only the document that is opened at the time of faxing will be sent.

Click on the "File" button in the upper left corner of Outlook. This will open a drop-down box of options.

Select "Print" from the dialog box. This will open up another dialog box where you must select where you want to print the document. If you have only one option, it must be a fax capable device in order to fax the document.

Click on the networked device that has faxing capabilities. Doing this will bring up another dialog box that will list the options of the networked fax device.

Type in the phone number in the dialog box and click either the "Send" or the "Print" button. This will send your Outlook document across the network to the fax capable device. Once completed, your fax has been sent.

Items you will need

  • Networked fax machine

  • Installed fax driver


Look to be sure that your fax machine can be networked. Without this capability, you will not be able to fax directly from Outlook.


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