Konica Minolta Troubleshooting

By Patrick Nelson

Updated September 26, 2017

Konica Minolta markets full-size, office-grade photocopiers. They can handle significantly more volume than regular multi-function machines of the type you can pick up at office supply box stores. Some Konica Minolta copiers have a 3,650-sheet capacity and can copy 75,000 pages a month. The trouble with Konica Minolta copiers can include power issues, poor print quality and jams. Issues you may encounter can be corrected by following some troubleshooting steps.

Plug the Konica Minolta copier into an AC wall outlet, press the main power switch and also the sub-power switch if no lights illuminate on the photocopier. Close the paper trays and any doors if the copier still won’t start copying. The copier’s doors must be shut–it’s a safety feature.

Press the paper firmly against the Konica Minolta’s glass if the copy is too dark. Line it up with the marks on the bezel to ensure straightness.

Unblock any document jams promptly. Open the doors and trays and pull paper jammed in the copier in the direction the paper was traveling.

Replace the paper if you continue to have document jams. The paper should be flat. Try fanning it first before loading it into the paper trays. Don’t use damp paper either. Damp paper can cause poor images, including badly defined lines and overexposed images within copies.

Allow the Konica Minolta copier to cool down if the images become too light over time and you’re copying high volume. Check the copier's rating. A 75,000-copies-per-month rating means the copier can handle 75,000 copies spread out over a month-long period, which is approximately 2,500 copies per day for 30 days.