How to Make Fax Lines Work on Digital Phone Lines

By Patrick Phelps

Updated September 26, 2017

Make an analog fax machine work with digital lines.
i fax image by Attila Toro from

As more and more businesses switch to using digital phone lines, many are faced with either having to invest in digital-capable fax machines or an expensive fax server. While many fax machines manufactured since 2008 have an auto switching function that allows them to work on both digital and analog phone lines, several older and less expensive models do not have this functionality. There are options available if you need to make your fax machine work with digital phone lines.

Plug in line from analog out to fax machine. Digital line converters have two ports. Connect a phone line from the " Analog Port" into the fax machine's "line in" port.

Plug in digital line into converter. The digital phone line will come directly from your phone system. Plug this line into the "Digital Line" port on the digital line converter.

Power up the digital line converter. Most line converters turn on as soon as power is connected. If your model does not turn on when plugged in, check the back of the unit for a power switch.

Test the fax machine. Once the lines are connected and the converter is turned on, send a test fax to make sure that the connections and the line converter is functioning properly.