How to Set Up a Header for a Fax

By Patrick Phelps

Updated September 26, 2017

Customize your faxes with personalized headers.
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Fax machines continue to serve a valuable function in many businesses and homes. Many fax machines allow for customizations that can help your sent faxes stand out from the rest. One of these customizations is a personalized fax header. A fax header is the information that is printed out on the very top of each received fax. Most senders include their fax number and business name but can also include personalized messages. Each fax machine differs in the set-up process, so be sure to review your owner's manual.

Press the "Set Up" key. This will bring you into the set-up options for your fax machine. If your fax machine does not have a set-up key, look for either an "Options" key or "Additional Functions" key.

Scroll through options to find "Transmission Options." This list will contain all of the options that you can set for your outgoing faxes.

Select "Fax Header." Once selected, you will be able to enter in personalized information. Enter your business name, phone number and any message that you wish to add. Most fax machines have a character limitation that you cannot exceed.

Press the "Save" button. This will save your fax header as well as any other personalizations or settings that you changed.

Items you will need

  • Fax machine capable of customized headers

  • Owner's manual


If you are using seasonal messages, be sure to change them when the season changes. Leaving outdated messages as your header can send the wrong message.