How to Send a Fax With a Brother Printer

By Jon Stefansson

Updated September 26, 2017

Brother is a Tokyo-based electronics company that has been in business for more than 100 years and holds the distinction of introducing the first high-speed dot-matrix printer in the world back in 1971. Today, Brother offers all-in-one office machines that can send faxes, in addition to scanning and printing documents. If you have a Brother all-in-one printer, fax and scanner, you can send faxes in just a few minutes after setting the machine to the proper mode.

Press the "Fax" mode button on the front of the machine. The key will glow blue.

Place documents face-up, top edge first in the document feeder on top of the machine until you feel the paper touch the rollers.

Dial the fax number using the numeric keypad on the front of the machine.

Press either "Black Start" or "Color Start" to send your document. Pressing "Black Start" will scan the pages of your fax to the machine's memory before sending, and "Color Start" dials the fax number and sends the document in real time.