How to Do a Fax Blast

By Patrick Phelps

Updated September 26, 2017

Blast your message out using your fax machine.
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Sending a fax blast means sending out the same fax to several different fax numbers. Fax blasts are often used for sales prospecting, sending out restaurant daily specials and for surveys. Fax blasting is much more efficient than entering in fax numbers one at a time and sending out faxes individually. It is important to schedule fax blasts because, depending on how many fax numbers will you be blasting to, blasts can tie up the fax line for quite a long time.

Set up broadcast fax options. Fax machines that can broadcast or "blast fax" allow for sending options. These options include what time to send the faxes, to whom to send the faxes and what to do if a receiving fax line is busy. To set up blast options, fax machines that are capable of broadcast faxing have the options listed under the "Additional or Advanced" functions menu. See your owner's manual for specific instructions.

Scan in document or documents to blast fax. Using the document feeder on your fax machine, scan in the fax you wish to blast out after the settings for the blast have been set. The fax machine will store the fax into its memory and will not begin sending the fax until the predetermined time.

Check report after blast is completed. Most broadcast-fax-capable fax machines have report settings that can be adjusted by the user. These reports can be accessed under the "Report Settings or Advanced Features" menu. Checking the report after the blast has been sent will show you the total number of transmissions along with how many faxes could not been sent. Disabled fax lines or wrong numbers are the usual causes of incomplete fax transmissions.