How to Send a Fax to Thailand

By Sandra Webster

Updated September 26, 2017

Sending a fax to Thailand is possible with the right calling codes.
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Sending a fax to Thailand from the United States is similar to making a call to that country using a landline phone. You must dial the international dialing code, the country code, the city code and the fax number of the individual or business. Charges for sending an international fax are greater than those for faxing locally.

Compile the documents you wish to fax to Thailand. Text, images and charts should be crisp and legible. Place pages in the proper order and count how many pages there are.

Prepare a fax cover sheet that includes the name of the individual or company in Thailand to which you are sending the fax and the complete fax number, the name of the individual or company sending the fax along with their fax number, other contact information, and the number of pages in the fax.

Proceed to a fax machine. If you do not have a fax machine in your home or office, go to an office-supply store or other business that sends faxes. The public library may or may not fax documents out of the country. Place the pages to be faxed to Thailand in the fax machine in the appropriate manner--face up or face down--with the cover sheet first. This differs from machine to machine and is usually shown on the fax machine.

Dial the fax number beginning with the digits 011, which is the international dialing code, followed by 66 for Thailand’s country code. Next, dial the digits that stand for the city code of the city in which the individual or business you are faxing is located. Finally, dial the fax number and hit send or the applicable button.

Items you will need

  • Pages to fax

  • Cover sheet

  • Access to fax machine


Always follow up by phone or e-mail to confirm receipt.