Electronic Typewriter Instructions

By TimBurgone

Updated September 26, 2017

An electronic typewriter is a combination of a classic typewriter and a computer. They have all the familiar parts of a regular typewriter, but with the added benefits of memory, function keys and dual keyboards that are features of a computer. Each brand and model of electric typewriter has its own special features. The instructions below is for a Sharp PA 4000 electric typewriter. This model has features that are also available on other electronic typewriters as well.

Find a place for your electronic typewriter that protects it from extreme heat or cold, dust or vibrations. It should rest on a flat surface that makes it easy for you to use the typewriter while in a comfortable position.

Familiarize yourself with the keyboard. The basic board is set up as a QWERTY keyboard. Some electric typewriters have function keys, just like computer keyboards. Consult your typewriter’s manuals for the specific functions of the keys.

Find the "Code" button on the keyboard. This button controls various functions of your typewriter and the more familiar you get with using the code button, the easier it will be to work on your typewriter. For example in the Sharp PA 4000 model, pressing the "Code" button plus the “Q” key sets the calculator or cancels it. Pressing the "Code" button plus the “9” key will make the type bold.

If you plan on using your typewriter a lot, get an adapter that allows you to plug the typewriter into any electric socket. You can also use batteries in the unit, which will allow for portability.

Turn your electric typewriter off when you are not using it. Everything from the margins to the typeface you are using will be saved in the typewriter’s memory. By using the memory function, you need not worry about losing a letter or document after you turn off the machine.

Clean your print heads frequently. Remove the ribbon cartridge and clean around the heads with a cotton swab until all dirt is removed. Re-install the cartridge.


Familiarizing yourself with all the features of your electronic typewriter is the only way to learn every advantage and feature contained in your new typewriter. Make sure you have the guide for your exact make and model. By being aware and understanding every feature on the typewriter, it will make your work easier and more productive.