How to Register Your Business With Equifax

By Helen Jain

Updated September 26, 2017

Equifax works with small businesses.
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Equifax is one of the three credit scoring companies that give personal credit reports and credit scores. It offers small businesses credit services to help the business keep its credit on track and improve credit scores. Getting a business registered with Equifax takes only a few minutes, but is worth the time because it results in being able to use the services Equifax provides business.

Buy a product or service from Equifax. According to the Equifax FAQs page, any business that wants to register their business must first purchase a product or service. This will automatically take the business owner or representative to the registration process.

Complete the registration information. The six-step registration process requires first buying a product, which is the first two steps of the process, then completing the ePort registration information. The ePort registration information will require the account number and security numbers given with the purchase to identify the company, agreement of the company policies and business contact information. A confirmation email is sent upon completion of the information.

Sign into the ePort section of the Equifax website. Use the account number and security numbers given previously to sign into Equifax. This completes the registration of a business with Equifax.


If there are problems with registration or an email confirmation never arrives, call Equifax customer services at 1-888-202-4025. The company administrator must call the number and identify herself as the administrator.