How to Send a Fax Using a Scanner

by Patrick PhelpsUpdated September 26, 2017
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Not having a fax machine does not prevent you from sending a fax. Though some equipment or software is needed, using a scanner to send a fax can be accomplished. Each software manufacturer of fax software have slightly different steps.

Scan the document you want to fax using your scanner. Depending on how your scanner is connected, the scanned image will either be sent to your computer, email a shared network folder.

Retrieve the scanned image. Once you have the image, review it to make sure it is clear, straight and includes all the pages you expect.

Send the image to your fax server or send it using the fax software on your computer. Depending on your fax server or fax server, you will most likely go to "File," then "Print." This will bring up a dialog box containing your loaded print and fax drivers.

Select the fax server or software that you want to use. Either a fax server or fax software will allow you to send your image to a desired fax machine.

Enter in the fax number and select either "Send" or "Print." This step will complete the process and will fax your scanned document out to the fax number you entered. Once the dialog box is gone, your fax has been sent.


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