How to Clean a Canon Copier Drum

By Mason Howard

Updated September 26, 2017

The drum may need cleaning if copies are not coming out with quality.
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It is important that a copier drum stays clean, as this ensures clean printing. Canon copiers, like those in the imageRunner and the imageClass series, have drum blades that work to keep the drum clean. Despite the blade, a copier drum occasionally needs more thorough cleaning either as part of routine maintenance or in preparation of copier storage.

Open the hatch door to access the interior of the copier.

Push down on the toner cartridge latch and remove the toner cartridge.

Remove all toner dust from the area using a soft brush and the hose attachment on a vacuum.

Next to the toner cartridge is the metallic drum. You can also refer to the parts diagram on the inside of the door or in your user’s guide to locate the drum. Do not shine a bright light on the drum, as this can compromise its photoconductive abilities. Do not touch the drum with your bare hands, as the oils can interfere with proper printing. Do not touch the drum with a dry or coarse cloth, as this can scratch the drum. Turn the lights low and pull out the drum. The drum can also be placed in a soft, lint-free or micro-fiber cloth sack to block the light while you clean.

Blow off toner dust from the drum with canned, compressed air. Only hold the can in an upright position to prevent liquid from dripping out.

Brush the drum blade with the soft brush to remove toner dust.

Wipe down the toner drum with a soft, lint-free or micro-fiber cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol.

Replace the drum and cartridge and run copier cleaning paper through the copier to help clean corresponding mechanisms.

Items you will need

  • Soft brush

  • Vacuum with hose attachment

  • Soft, lint-free or micro-fiber cloth sack (optional)

  • Soft, lint-free or micro-fiber cloth

  • Canned, compressed air

  • Rubbing alcohol

  • Copier cleaning paper