How to Transfer My Fax Number to an Email Fax

by Lacee BurtonUpdated September 26, 2017
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Fax transmission is an integral part of running a business, but having to send and receive documents from a machine in a specific location is not always convenient. An alternative is Internet fax service, in which faxes are sent directly to an email address. You can keep your existing fax number and have faxes sent directly to your email address.

Compare rates and plans before setting up service. See Fax Compare in the Resource section for help. MetroFax, eFax and Nextiva are some Internet fax providers that allow customers the option of keeping an existing fax number. Typically, Internet fax providers charge a monthly fee for a predetermined number of faxes and impose an overage charge for each fax beyond the limit. Most individual plans do not require a contract. If you are interested in purchasing a corporate package, contact the Internet fax provider to negotiate and customize a package that will meet your business needs.

Contact the Internet fax provider to set up service, and tell the company that you will be using an existing telephone number. Some providers charge a fee to use an existing number. Ask the provider about this to avoid any unexpected fees.

Retrieve your faxes from your email in-box. You will receive emails from your Internet fax provider with your incoming faxes attached. Your provider will let you know to what file format your faxes will be converted. Generally, faxes are converted to PDF or TIF files before they go to an email address.



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