How to Find a Cell Phone Directory

by Leyla NormanUpdated September 26, 2017
phone image by Zbigniew Nowak from reports that 17 million Americans do not have a land-based home phone line, only a cellular phone, and that 21 percent of adults under 24 years of age have a mobile phone only. The result is that it can be difficult to locate a phone number just by looking a person up in the white pages of a phone book. However, cell phone directories make it possible for people to locate a mobile phone number of someone they are trying to locate. Not every directory includes all cell phone numbers.

Be prepared to pay a fee, which varies depending on what information you are seeking. Understand that cell phone directories online often charge a fee for the information that they give. They provide not only a person’s cell phone number, but you can also choose to see the person’s address, age, relatives, as well as conduct an entire background check on her, all from the same site. Search by name or number; cell phone directories often include a reverse lookup feature.

Use a private, secure Internet-enabled computer to query a cell phone directory since you will likely have to pay for the service, and you do not want to share your financial information on a public computer. Cell phone directories are online. Printed cell phone directories have not yet become feasible and are not in use.

Search for “cell phone directory” to find a listing of cell phone finders. Some include databases you can use yourself, and others are services that you hire to find a phone number for you. Search by inputting either the phone number, or name and/or location of the number you want to find. Cell phone directories include Cell Pages, Find Cell Phone Numbers, and Cell Phone Numbers.



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