How to Recycle a Canon Copier

by Elton DunnUpdated September 26, 2017
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Bulky old office machines are tedious to haul away but working equipment can have a valuable second life. When you upgrade your photocopier, recycle the old Canon copier by donating it to organizations in need either nationally or in your community or by returning it to the company. Photocopier donations are tax deductible. Since 1993, Canon has been remanufacturing copiers and other office equipment. Your old copier can be stripped of working parts and given a second life. Either method cuts down on landfill waste.

Contact your local Goodwill Industries or Salvation Army to see whether they need photocopy machines at this time. They will resell or donate the office equipment to people in need and provide an easy way for you to recycle the copier. Ask whether you can arrange a pickup; depending on whether you're donating other large items too, they may send someone to do the heavy lifting for you.

Check with your local school system to see if they could use the photocopier. Arrange to deliver it to the school or to have someone pick it up. Alternately, donate to needy schools through iLoveSchools (see Resources). To donate to iLoveSchools, create a free donor account, then post a description of the Canon copier. If a school wants the copier, they will be in touch. This method may take some time.

Post your Canon photocopier on Freecycle (see Resources) to give it away to anyone in your community. Create a free account with an email address and list the copier. Interested parties will contact you to arrange a pickup.

Check the Canon Recycling program (see Resources). Click on the type of Canon product and its model number and enter the serial number of your old copier. You will receive a shipping label in a separate email to send the copier back to Canon.


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