How to Print Different Labels on One Sheet

by Resonna ShawUpdated August 27, 2019

Sending out mass mailings can be a daunting task, but being able to print different address labels on one sheet makes the task much easier. Microsoft Word 2007 offers a variety of mailing label templates that allow you to type and print different addresses on a single sheet of labels. Your local office supply store sells a variety of address labels.

Open Microsoft Word. Click “Mailings” at the top of the menu.

Under the “Create” ribbon menu, select “Labels.” When the pop-up box appears, select “Full Page of the Same Label.”

Click “Options,” choose the appropriate label size and click “OK.” Click “New Document,” and a new Word document will appear with the address label template.

Click in one of the boxes and type the receiver’s address information. Continue adding new addresses to each box until you reach the bottom of the page.

Load your printer with the address labels. Click “File” and select “Print.” Your printer will print different address labels on a single sheet of labels.

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