How to Send Email to a Fax Number

By Emmanuelle Douglas

Updated September 26, 2017

Sending an email to a fax number can be done using free and paid online services.
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Sending emails to fax numbers can be a great way to send correspondence. There are many online vendors who offer this type of service and include the option to receive faxes to your email account. Some vendors offer applications that can be embedded into Microsoft Office products so you can send the email directly from the product.

MyFax lets you send faxes online for a monthly fee. This company offers a trial so you can test the software to see if it meets your needs. Using their online interface, you can send an email to a fax number with ease. If you decide to use this product with Microsoft Office, you can download an application to integrate it with your Microsoft Office products. As you send emails, you can pick from hundreds of customizable fax cover pages.

Efax is an online internet fax company that lets you send faxes online for nominal fee. Sending an email to a fax number is done by adding to the end of the recipients fax number. When you send the email, the recipient will get a fax on their fax machine.

MetroFax offers internet fax sending services. These services are offered for a monthly fee. With a 99.5% up-time, your fax is nearly guaranteed to go through with no busy signals. This service is used online so there is no software to download on your computer.

FaxZero offers a free fax sending service online. The reason this service is free is the company places advertisements on the fax cover page. You are limited to a sending only two faxes per day and they are limited to a maximum of three pages per fax. There is a premium paid service where you pay per fax sent and it limits your faxes to 15 pages per fax sent. Using the premium service removes the ad from the cover page.