How to Print on Plastic Cups

By Matt Scheer

Updated September 26, 2017

Printing on plastic cups is an effective way to advertise or celebrate.
i stack of plastic cups image by Warren Millar from <a href=''></a>

Printing on plastic cups is a great way to advertise a company or organization by displaying its logo. It can also be used to mark cups used at social gatherings. However, printing on plastic cups is not feasible for most people in their own homes because they don't own the proper printing equipment. Once you design a logo for your cup, the best thing to do is to send it to a printing company that specializes in printing on cups for events.

Design the logo you want to print on the plastic cups. You can make this design either by hand, computer design or a mixture of the two. If designing by hand, make sure to scan it to your computer using 600 to 1200 dpi (a higher number is better). Turn these images into vector graphics in a vector graphics program. When designing with a computer program, use a program that makes vector graphics for the highest quality design. Adobe Illustrator is a program that creates vector graphics. A vector graphic is a design that doesn't lose pixel quality at any size.

Choose a company to print your designs. There are several different companies listed in the resource section.

Choose the type of plastic and quantity of cups you want. Fill out an order form and submit your art to the company. Some companies allow you to email designs, others let you attach them to the application on their site and some want them mailed directly.

Preview the design and work with the art department to finalize it.

Approve the design and wait for your cups to arrive in the mail.